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Join Marijuana Culture Magazine: The Best way to Know Cannabis

What is GKN? GKN is a marijuana culture magazine which stands for Goddess Knowledge News. It promotes the Cannabis Community. In this magazine you will discover articles written on Spirituality, Holistic Health, Going Green, Do It Yourself Projects, THC-Infused Recipes and much more life-enhancing compositions. Whether or not you are a fan of indulging in… Continue reading Join Marijuana Culture Magazine: The Best way to Know Cannabis

medical marijuana

Medical Marijuana Benefits Cancer Patients

Cannabis magazine as its name suggests that it is a magazine which is totally about the cannabis. Have you are aware with the word “Cannabis”? If not then go through this magazine. It will definitely increase your knowledge about the cannabis. There are various facts which are unknown to the general public but may be… Continue reading Medical Marijuana Benefits Cancer Patients

medical marijuana

Is Marijuana Lifestyle Can Cure Cancer?

Do you know what cannabis is? Marijuana magazine provides facts about cannabis to the interested people by publishing updated articles.  Cannabis is a genus of flowering plant in the family cannabene. The number of species may be recognized, cannabis Sativa, cannabis indicia, and cannabis ruderals. Cannabis is an annual, dioecious and flowering herb. Its leaves… Continue reading Is Marijuana Lifestyle Can Cure Cancer?